February 21, 1916

William’s letters included details of the brutality of life on the front lines.  In one, he describes how their unit chaplain was injured assisting a soldier who had been wounded when a shell exploded near them.  The soldier did not survive and the chaplain was badly hurt. The Garrow sisters were regaled with war stories from someone experiencing it first-hand – a prime source for the truth about war.

“I just heard the other night, in fact it was last night, that a well known ‘Canadian’ regiment were shelled out of their billets by ‘German’ shells that burst right in the midst of their billets & they say you could hear the screams of the men, as the shells burst among them, it sure must have been an awful experience.” 

William Garrow – February 11, 1916

“One poor fellow was shot right through the head, as he was doing patrol duty, in front of the lines.”

William Garrow – February 21, 1916


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