November 20, 1915

Dear Folks at home,

I guess that you will think that I have forgotten you all but such is not the case as we have been rather busy the past week or so, but I now take advantage of the first lull by writing to my dear folks at home.  Well how are all at home?  I do hope they are well.  I am feeling fine and I do hope you are also well.

In one way, I would like to be in Miss Shibley’s concert, but in another way I am glad I am here & ready to leave at any moment for the front to do my bit for my King & Country against that terrible enemy “Germany”.

I am glad to hear that Uncle John has received the position of manager of the Auto part.
I guess by the time I get back to Oshawa I will not know the town.
I must say that I am glad to get the “Oshawa” papers every week.


These quotes come from a letter written by William Garrow on November 20, 1915 while stationed at Shorncliffe, Kent, England,  prior to heading to the front lines. In this letter he writes about an upcoming concert that his sisters Leah and Lillian are preparing for.  He states that while he would like to be a part of this concert he feels that he is doing the right thing by enlisting and preparing to fight the “terrible enemy Germany”.

Click here for music from that time  It’s a Long, Long Way From Tipperary.


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