There are a variety of extensive resources available when researching the First World War.  Below are just some of the sites available online. 

BBC History – World War I

Canada and the First World War – Veterans Affairs Canada

Canadian War Museum

Library and Archives Canada – The Great War

The First World War : Canada Remembers – CBC Archives

Attention Grade 10 History Teachers:

Oshawa Union Cemetery – Soldiers Programme 

The Soldiers programme was developed to introduce students to the use of primary resources in their studies.  The programme utilizes both documents found in the holdings of the Oshawa Community Archives, documents available at the National Archives of Canada as well as a visit to Oshawa’s Union Cemetery.  

Included are four lesson plans and all of the necessary documentation for the lessons.  Teachers are encouraged to use all of part of these lessons to assist them with meeting curriculum goals. 

Contact the Oshawa Community Archives at for more information on curriculum focused assignments based on the content of the letter from the William Garrow Collection.

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